Gypsy Vanner Breeders in Ohio

Mares & Foals Available!

The goal of Horners Gypsy Vanners is to promote the gypsy vanner breed horse in the United States. Since the purchase of our first Gypsy Vanner we discovered a breed of incredible patience, trainability and gentle nature. We strive to produce well conformed hairy beautiful Gypsy Vanners. Most importantly preserving their gentle nature. Special thanks goes out to the gypsy people oversees who perfected the breed.

Horners Gypsy Vanners is located in Ohio and run by a husband/wife team.  Long members of the horse and dog communities.  Not only do they have the stunning Gypsy Vanners, but they also raise Newfoundland Dogs and English Bulldogs. The following pages are dedicated to their Gypsy Vanners, but feel free to reach out regarding their dog programs as well.